About the Artist

A Note from the Artist:

My favorite seasons are seasons of anticipation-when the air smells of guarded hope and warm light begins to illuminate the clouds. When you know that others can feel it too. You can hear it in supermarket-small-talk and whispers in the wind. Yearning….for an awakening, for clarity, for songbirds and melting snow, and for a shift in perspective.

As you view my work, I invite you to feel and let the images transport your mind to somewhere meditative, somewhere lively, somewhere old, or perhaps somewhere new. I invite you to gaze upward toward the sky and let your mind wander. To find shapes in the clouds and explore a wide range of emotions: nostalgia, trepidation, joy, desolation, triumph. The images are unified by a common thread of resilience and hope….rain or shine.

About the Artist:

Stacey Pydynkowski is a painter of thoughts and emotions. She graduated from Saint Vincent College with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and studio arts and is enchanted by the magic of the creative process–how pigments merge to convey a spectrum of emotion and depth beyond the confines of language. She is a cancer survivor, and while traveling the path to health, used her paintbrush as a tool to document and make sense of the journey. She is an advocate for art in public places to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to connect with and find comfort and strength in visual imagery. Her work has been displayed in a variety of galleries, libraries, and universities.

Represented by Firebox Art Studios

Places Exhibited:

Panza Gallery

Slippery Rock University

Saint Vincent College

University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg

Seton Hill University

Westmoreland Cultural Trust’s Art in the Alley

Firebox Art Studios

Greensburg Art Center

Greensburg Garden and Civic Center

Hempfield Public Library

Saltsburg Public Library

Serenity Bead Shop

Latrobe Art Center

Latrobe Hospital

Southern Alleghenies’s Museum of Art

You are Here Gallery